Pros of dealing with this guy:

Convenience - Sir Carl offered to bring the item from his place to my place with no extra charge, even it would take him 2 hours to reach my place. He let me set the date and time of our meeting.

Quality - His items are on superb quality and excellent working condition! Complete package and well taken cared of.

- He called and texted me immediately when I inquired about his items. He updated me from time to time about our meeting.

Great value for money! - I never had a hard time asking for a discount! The price he gave me was actually lower than what I was expecting!

Very polite and courteous - Seldom that I hear people who consistently say "Please", "Thank you" and "You're welcome". I could say that he's really a good man.

Cons: None.

Thanks for the THX-Certified Logitech Z5300!