First of all, who said na tinakbuhan kita? you have all the right to call and make a follow up. i am so busy with work, juggling my swapping to get more income since i have so many siblings to feed. now if you think i am the type who would do that, think again. in the first place, you followed up with the charger after a week... puzzling to say but how in the world did you get a charger if you dont have one? so ano ginagamit mo di ba charger din na binigay ko? anyhow lets just call this quits. i will delete this if you would do the same. if you will add up another feedback, you know that admins dont like that. OH AND BY THE WAY, I ALSO HAVE THE CONVERSATION. PICTURE? YOU SEEN THE CHARGERS STATE BEFORE YOU TOOK THE MONEY THAT I ADDED. THANKS ANYWAY. NEVER, EVER DEAL WITH THIS PERSON.