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OS war: which mobile Operating system do you prefer to use and why?(tulong sa mga balak mag switch ng os)

  • symbian lang para sakin. hindi kasi ako ma-apps na tao tsaka ayoko nauubos oras ko kakakalikot ng phone at kakagamit/kakalaro ng apps. gusto ko yung simple at stable lang, ok na pangcamera and sounds tsaka konting browsing, lalo na gusto ko yung matipid sa battery at siyempre yung affordable din na phone. :

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  • agree ako sa battery consumption ng symbian long lasting talga.
  • windows nalang talaga ang di ko nagamit ng matagal, but i got a hands on sa nokia lumia 610 problem was di maka pag send via bluetooth, though i have no idea if it needs third party apps such as file manager or far nice interface,smooth medjo minimalistic lang talaga so para sa mahilig mag customize ng phone mejo boring ang looks since color lang ng mga blocks ang nababago(or is there any method?) cool ng effects ng animated na blocks. ewan ko lang sa windows 8 kung mas maco-customize siya kesa sa 7 ang alam ko lang kasi is that pwedeng i-resize ang mga blocks niya and pwedeng palitan ng color, other than that have no idea. windows has a growing number of compatible apps and games pero correct me if im wrong, nasa android and ios ang focus ng mga devs.

    sooner there will be another os yung tizen at boot to gecko ng mozilla. mas mgiging malawak na ang choices at mas magiging innovative (i hope).

    after all depende parin sa needs ng tao ang pagpili ng os..imo
  • Na try ko na yung windows mobile.. Medyo hassle yung app store nila, pati simpleng yahoo messenger may bayad pa. Ang free lang eh yung crappy apps na di mo naman talaga magagamit. Ang konti talaga ng apps na pwede idownload. Pero the best yun social network integration, swabe at no lags talaga.
  • iniisip ko pa nga kung mag lumia 920 ako this christmas or mag xperia v..hehe..

    tingin ko malaki lamang ng android dito kasi mas marami ngang choices sa HW ng phone na gusto mo also smooth na rin naman ang os unlike older version...nakakatempt lang magtry ng lumia.
  • I'm using a Galaxy Note, my wife has a Blackberry Bold 9900 and an iPAD2.

    I prefer Android because of the Google Play store, wide choices for phone, somewhat an all-in one gadget (has fm, music player, great browser, apps, maps, gps, doc editor,etc.).

    My wife loves Blackberry because of the hardware keyboard and cheaper data rates and long lasting battery. Hindi siya mahilig sa games or apps kaya masaya na siya sa BB. Basta may 24hr twitter and facebook access siya at magtagal ang phone niya ng 2days without charging happy na siya.

    Yung iPAD2 naman madami apps na pang bata. My son uses the iPAD. My wife uses it for reading books. Hassle lang ang paglagay ng movies kasi kailangan pa mag convert. Di gaya ng sa BB at Android, di na kailangan mag convert.

    For Android, BB, and iOS, lahat sila may occassional hanging or crashes. Pero based on stability, pinaka stable si BB, then iOS, last si Android. Pagdating sa internet browsing, hands down panalo ang Android.
  • External Image

    mejo mahirap nga ang safary saka syempre walang flash..handsdown android talaga for browsing.
  • WP 7.5 phone user here for the past few months (lumia 800 on a globe plan). never regretted jumping into the windows phone OS after getting used to the iOS for a few years and the feedback i'm receiving from my friends and co-workers who are long-time droid users.

    objectively, the WP UI is probably the most thought-out and well-designed UI yet on a smartphone. gestures are kept to a minimum, tiles can be repositioned for increased usability, vertical scrolling is much easier on the thumb and the eyes and it is very fluid. no extra fluff to slow things down. i did not even miss the background wallpaper, which sometimes can get in the way in navigating the phone.

    i concur on the app availability is not yet up to par with android and iOS, especially on the more popular ones. this is the downside that i really thought about before i bought my phone. but i'm quite surprised on the high quality of apps that are available, even the free ones. unlike a couple of months ago, i can now see more and more apps available on the hugely revamped "app highlight" app on my phone. even local ones like ABS-CBN (slow) and INQ (really good) news apps, and iTyphoon are now available. some free games are really enjoyable and excellent: call or carlos, AE 3D motor, cheezia and snowball assault are some of what's installed in my phone. even paid games like assassins' creed and mirror's edge look and play great.

    if you own a lumia series phone the nokia drive app is probably the best GPS app on any phone here in the PH, and worth the entry price. accurate and locks-in quickly, and it doesn't need an internet connection to work though it can speed things up a bit if you're connected online. just enter a street name, a resto or a building and it can calculate the direction and ETA in a pinch. provincial destination? not much of a problem. pero baka di makikita yung paborito nyong carinderia o sari sari store hehe :)

    office apps is the last reason why i switched to WP. to be honest we tried other alternatives to the office suite (for the desktop) but we still went back to office 2010. excel has much, much better reporting tools than any spreadsheet programs available (like pivot tables, LOOKUP functions, etc) as i handle very large database records. having office apps on your phone simply means you can view and edit office docs and files in a pinch without a need for a laptop.

    net browsing is fast and smooth as well (sans flash) and has the option to display websites suited for desktops. but it has a funny way of displaying text headers while in desktop mode. sometimes fonts are waaay too big compared to the text body

    and i have yet to experience a single crash on my phone (fingers crossed :) )

    bottomline: owning a WP is more of an acquired taste than anything else. the interface can be boring and very simple at first glance, but excellent usability and ease of use trumps style in so many ways. if you want app availability, then this phone can break your heart.
  • symbian for me, true multitasking.. Makunat pa sa battery
  • objectively, the WP UI is probably the most thought-out and well-designed UI yet on a smartphone. gestures are kept to a minimum, tiles can be repositioned for increased usability, vertical scrolling is much easier on the thumb and the eyes and it is very fluid.

    and i have yet to experience a single crash on my phone (fingers crossed :)

    +1 Sobrang na impress ako sa smoothness ng UI, very fast and fluid, opening and exiting an app is seamless. You can feel ng pagka modern ng UI kumabaga that "premium feel" na di ko naranasan nung unang gamit ko ng android(vanilla settings).
    Single core palang mga WP phones ngayon try to find an android phone with a single procie that can run as smooth,fast and consistent as WP, afaik wala. :P
    Now having dual core procs in WP8 will add more juice to the already well optimized mobile OS.
    2 weeks having WP, haven't experienced any crash so far too. Lags wala din unless hindi optimize yung APP, downside is severely lacking pa yung support ng mga apps sa market.
  • ^ I agree that windows phones are great! Kaya lang ako hindi nag WP7.5 kasi gawa ng konting available na apps... Ang hinihintay ko lumabas ang WP8! Lalo na tablets nila... If the price is right, mapapabili ako ng di oras. Hehe..
  • Yep kahit na konti pa yung apps, the metro UI version looks really really good, simple yet modern looking. Better than other mobile OS IMO.

    WP7 version
    External Image

    IOS version
    External Image

    Problem nga lang kulang ng ibang features yung wp7 app for example Whatsapp ng WP7 kumpara sa android ver tsaka sobrang mabagal mag update ng apps or the devs are just waiting for WP8 to comes out. hehe

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  • firefox
  • more than a year ago i almost purchased a sammy S2 based on the phone's hardware specs alone (and get the android experience in the process). but when i borrowed one from a friend of mine and fiddled it for many hours i said to myself: "this ain't going to work on me. sure, part of the android's charm is tweaking and customization, but it takes some effort to get it. not to mention a few phone crashes due to an errant app."

    tapos may nakasabay ako sa elevator sa opis na isang chick na may htc mozart. WP was almost unheard of back then, and this girl has one! i was very curious, did some research, and finally decided to dump iOS this year. i sure miss a lot of good apps, but i'll live. i use my phone as a media and music player primarily, quick net browsing the second.
  • Symbian - my primary phone (nokia e7) uses this os. Simple to use and still reliable. Still love the multimedia capabilities.

    Android - my two tablets and my always changing back up phones uses this. Highly customizable ang android and really has a beautiful interface. Lots of applications but many of them are useless. im still thinking if i will buy an android phone as a replacement to my primary phone or im going to switch to a windows phone this coming christmas.

    ios - i love my ipod touch and im going to upgrade it with the newer version. Audio quality is really great!

    Windows 8 - Love at first sight ako sa lumia 920, hehe. Sana lang wala na tong zune software.

    Blackberry os - still dont have this..

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  • Dalawang OS nlang compare ko..

    IOS - first phone ko Iphone 3g pa, I can say na npa wow ako..bilib na bilib ako dati, music player ko na, ebook reader ko pa..and pag may update sa IOS nun ksama pa 3g..ang daming apps..Dun ako bilib sa IOS..premium apps and games..Dito ako natuto mag jailbreak and unlock. So ayun, palit lng themes pag nagsawa na. Medyo limited ang looks na pwde mong gawin, and I think you need to sync your device kahit once a week lang..may times na bumabagal kc.

    ANDROID - current phone Samsung SII, big upgrade for me..As I am fond of customizing, tweaking etc. It's nice to learn new things, from rooting to flashing. Masarap sa feeling ung ma soft brick mo tas mbubuhay ulit. In terms of apps, solve na ako..Mdami ng mgagandang pag pipilian sa play store.

    Gusto ko na rin itry windows mdaming positive feedbacks kong naririnig dito. though I'm having 2nd thoughts bka magsawa ako sa looks (tiles)..isa pa ang market in terms of apps and games..prang limited pa..Cguro I'll stay with android nalang, pero if ever I changed my mind, I'll definitely try any windows phone.
  • 1 Android for daily living
  • from Symbian phones... I jumped over to iOS
    so far with apps theres nothing I could ask for.

    theres a lot to choose from in the AppStore
    I dont get issues like the tablet of my dad... (btw, his tablet worth 25k geez)

    "Sorry this application is not compatible with your device, If you purchased this product, Please demand a refund"

    hands down for iOS for being minimalistic if you are not jailbroken. but if you want something
    beefed up... lots of themes and customizations are available without the help of PC.

    Symbian on the other hand is a less power-hungry OS that most devices last for 2 or 3 days
    with minimal usage. I own a Nokia N82, 5800 and N70 these 3 I would say battery life rocks! compared to my 3Gs and 4s...
  • Been with galaxy spica/htc dhd/asus transformer/sam tab 7.7 - barely 6 moths lang sakin except the the tab comparing to htx radar experience, absolutely hands down with 7.5 plang, it will be awesome if wp8 na, same high end hardware na with androids. Im still disappointed app market for android tablets, prang less than 200 lang ang tablet specific apps out of 500k, and the rest are blown up mobile app, not intuitive in the tablet..
  • @xperia

    sorry medyo panget comparison ko baguhin ko na sya kasi meron na kong Galaxy nexus s

    Android = after having my Nexus S I must say na nagbago din taste ko sa android mas na prefer ko na ito kahit na custom kernel matr1x + stock JB ako ok naman sya mabili :)) hindi rin sya ganon ka bilis malowbatt ewan ko kung anong nangyari kaya ganon hehe :)) uhmm pagdating sa apps madami din si android yung mga nakikita mong apps sa ios na may bayad minsan free lang sa android :)) mabilis din sya mag connect sa net at very customizable kaya hindi nakakasawa :) maganda rin yung voodoo sound ang clean ng tunog...

    Ios = very stable kaya wala masyadong tweaking na gagawin parang optional na lang yung cydia pero maganda rin kasi pwede ka mag install ng themes using winterboard yun nga lang hindi ganoon ka customizable tyka malakas sa ram. Ang masasabi ko langk ung prefer nyo ang games, music, class, tyka accessories sa iphone kayo tyka software support kahit yung 3Gs supported pa rin :)

    ang problem lang kasi sa android yung games hindi sya compatible sa lahat ng phone pero pwede naman gawan ng paraan using chainfire.
  • parang pag naka android ka kai kahit luma na ang phone mo tweak mo lang ng konti halos hawig na ng new releases... parang s2 pwede mong gawing s3 or xperia s ang looks, in that way para ka na ring nagpalipat-lipat ng phone.haha
  • planning to jump to Windows Phone this Q4. To those WP owner, does WP have File Manager or File Explorer like with Android? And can i share apps (apk) to other win phone?

  • @ramordep

    I guess not. Sa mga nka win7 pwede b magbluetooth ng file and how?
  • Nope no file explorer yet, dunno if its coming to WP7.8 and WP8. :P

    Since RTM na yung WP8 we expect to see the full list of new features and early hands on reviews soon.

    Bluetooth only works on wireless devices, no BT file transfer lulz it's coming to WP8 though hopefully to WP 7.8 as well.
    Pero may bluetooth contact transfer app from nokia.

    Oh just found this one blue tooth file transfer coming to WP7.8 phones as well. <3
    <click here for link>

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  • Another reason why I prefer android:

    External Image

    External Image

    Floating video from a samba share using cifs.

    Sa S3 may floating video by default at can access DLNA shares, pero disabled ang floating video feature pag over the network. May free SuperVideo player na can do floating videos even Youtube vids pero walang DLNA o samba support. Just loaded cifs and mounted the samba share and presto! Floating videos from samba.

    Tinry ko lang lang ulit MIUI na based sa jellybean and it's almost ready.
  • i was on youtube and found this video pretty useful for those who want to tryout windows 7 but doesnt want to upgrade or switch.
    (the video contains links and tutorials on the description) hope this thing helps.

    <click here for link>

  • ^Symbian for me.
  • looks like marami pa rin ang loyal symbian users, anyway marami rin kasing customizing tweaks sa symbian saka marami na ring known apps at ang deal breaker is yung free internet ng symbian via opera or uc. super useful..imo
  • dati naka symbian ako pero nung na try ko na yung android hindi na ako bumalik ulet sa symbian partida entry level palang gamit kong android phone nun hahaha

    mas masarap mag android kung mid - high end phone gamit mo
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