Public Advisory:

Please be informed that [email protected] is now our official appeal email to be used by our members in TipidCP. All queries regarding appeal on banned accounts should be redirected to this email. Please note that it may take a few days before you receive a response concerning your appeal.

Disclaimer: Any member who sends an email not related to appeals for banned accounts will not be entertained.

As for suspended/banned accounts, members are discouraged from doing the following:

1) Immediately creating a new account after their original account has been suspended since this will only jeopardize the chances of possible account reinstatement.

2) Creating a thread in the Forums section regarding their suspended/banned account. Please do note also that maligning/attacking the Site Admins and Moderators in the Forums may actually result into a permanent ban in TipidCP.

3) DO NOT post a feedback (positive or negative) in this account or you will be banned indefinitely from the site. This account is utilized by TCP management to simply to inform members regarding the status of his/her account. Posting a feedback in this account is also a clear violation of TCP's Feedback Rules and Policies.

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