TO ALL ADMIN, SITE OWNER, MOD!!! wysiwyg1970 & jepot22 BANNED w/o any WARNING!!!!

Just give him a little respect... He didn't know why he banned that's why he got mad and he did not receive any warning before he got banned... God Bless to your souls moderators of this site... I hope all your souls go to heaven not in hell that you guys should be in...

Kindly post this in the proper thread sir... My dedicated thread tayo for banned and suspended accounts

as if naman basahin ng mod at ibalik pa yung account ng officemate ko. sayang yung feedbacks niya. hindi niya pinulot yun para lang maging maayos transaction niya dito..

If you only read the policies and regulations, you will not get banned... and if ever you do get banned you will know the reason why and will not react like that.

yes he did. alam niya na mga mod nagbibigay ng warning before magbanned. kaya nga siya galit na galit kasi na banned ng walang warning.