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TPC/TCP Netiquette project

  • Post copied from TipidPC. TipidCP could use a dose of Network etiquette ;)

    Netiquette (neologism, a morphological blend formed from "Internet etiquette") is a catch-all term for the conventions of politeness recognized on Usenet, in mailing lists, and on other electronic forums such as Internet message boards. These conventions address group phenomena (such as flaming) with changes in personal behavior, such as not posting in all uppercase, not (cross-)posting to inappropriate groups, refraining from commercial advertising outside the biz groups and not top posting.
    (see wikipedia link)

    With your permission, I'd like to take the initiative and start a netiquette project specifically designed for TPC and TCP created by TPC/TCP members. I took the ideas from the various internet sources and tried to apply them for use here. The feedback part I borrowed from Ebay.

    Netiquette is all about common sense. It *is* so common sense that it's all too easy to forget at times, especially when caught up in the heat of things. These should serve only as guidelines for proper behaviour and decorum and to supplement (not replace) our own TipidPC site rules and regulations.

    If you wish to add, correct or remove a phrase in the netiquette, kindly quote the line (not the entire post!) and put your suggestion. I will continually edit the post on the 1st page if time permits.

    Try to create one-liner netiquettes as much as possible, and use straightforeward language.

    Internet sources
    RFC 1855 - Netiquette Guidelines
    <click here for link>
    Wikipedia - Netiquette
    <click here for link>
    Feedback Netiquette (ebay user:king-collect)
    <click here for link>

    List of contributors / co-authors / editors
    Jun lotec

    Everyone is invited to join our brainstorming session.
  • TipidPC/TipidCP Netiquette DRAFT


    Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life. <click here for link>

    A good rule of thumb: Be conservative in what you send and liberal in what you receive.

    "Flaming" is a long-standing network tradition. Although the recipients of flames sometimes deserve the heat, try to be considerate.

    Don't get involved in flame wars. Neither post nor respond to incendiary material.

    It is always better to post in an EXISTING THREAD than to start a new one. Use the search forum for similar topics.


    Refrain from using Txt-Speak. Mhrap intdhn kng gnto post m.

    Use smileys to indicate tone of voice, but use them sparingly. :-) i

    If you discover an error in your post, edit it as soon as possible.

    Avoid making unsolicited calls and sending unsolicited private messages (PMs) or SMS messages.

    Refrain from creating new warning threads about other members.

    Creating new dummy accounts just to attack other members and post lame threads is not ethical.

    Avoid starting a thread that is not fit to be discussed in a PC related site. Do not start a topic just to be "funny" or "amusing".

    Avoid posting messages with adult content. The forums are read by people from all age groups.

    Share expert advice.

    Be kind to NEWBIES :)

    Remember to "quote" the line you are referring to when replying in the forums

    Make sure you backread on the topic you are joining in

    UPHOLD the netiquette guidelines when posting

    Spamming is not allowed in the forums

    Report scandalmongers and warmongers to the moderators

    Moderators should not abuse their Admin-given powers.

    Spelling, grammar and typographical errors of members, while forgivable, should be corrected privately (i.e. through pm's)


    Follow TCP rules and regulations <click here for link>

    Provide as much detail and pictures to the item you're selling as possible. A well informed customer is a happy customer.

    Selling imitation/class A items is not a problem as long as they work as advertised.

    Reduce attached images to at least 600pixels in width or 100kB max, be considerate to dial-up users.

    The negotiation board was created for bargaining and transaction services. Refrain from making unsolicited comments.

    Refrain from making "last price" inquiries. This defeats the purpose of negotiations.

    Avoid posting selling or buying information about other members in the IFS/WTB section. IT does not necessarily help and may disrupt other legitimate / valid posts.

    Show up at the time and place previously agreed upon.

    Cross-posting and Double-posting is not allowed.

    Make sure the IFS/WTB is posted at the correct category.

    Indicate [SOLD] at the item name once the item has been dispatched and remember to delete it after (_____ days)

    Put all details needed in items description section (pictures, warranty policies, specs, number of units avaialble, pick up points etc)

    Avoid unnecesary characters in your title.

    Always remember that buyers are after the best prices and not the best titles. Marketing strategy also involves the right or best prices.

    Do not post items that are not Cellphone-related at TipidCP.

    Remember, defective is defective is defective is defective. :P

    When posting "Want to buy" items, give as much information as possible.

    Do not copy the posting style, personal uploaded images, AD format, and personal links without permission from the original author.


    POSITIVE feedback is preferred. Users prefer to get a positive feedback than no feedback at all.

    Feedback is OPTIONAL, you don't have to leave a feedback if you don't want to.

    Never beg for a feedback. If you have to ask, send a polite private message to request or remind the seller (or buyer).

    Only give a NEGATIVE feedback as a last resort. Give the other user a chance to make things right.

    Wait at least 1 week for a reply in the Buyer and Seller complaints thread before posting your NEGATIVE feedback.

    Do not give revenge feedbacks, post your complaint at the feedback resolution link (menu on the left side, under user options)

    Posting errant/misconceived NEGATIVE feedbacks are subject to review by TPC moderators and administrators for possible sanctions.

    [b]Negative feedbacks are NOT allowed if there was no actual transaction involved, unless the transaction was supposed to be done at TPC HQ
  • I hope users from TCP can contirubute to this project. Feel free to suggest additions / corrections to the guidelines.
  • "Flaming" is a long-standing network tradition. Although the recipients of flames sometimes deserve the heat, try to be considerate.

    i was thinking if we can have a flame-war forum for those people who cant keep their "feelings" to themselves. at least flamers can get it on with the community 'cheering' (otherwise 'yawning') at the background.

    Avoid posting messages with adult content. The forums are read by people from all age groups.

    maybe we can make the flame-wars forum an "adult" site by allowing non-minors ONLY to see the forum. or just disallow members from posting profanity or things like that.

    just a thought. =p
  • about Trading:

    * can we have some members allow the community to use their house/premise (kahit labas lang) as a meeting point like the TPC HQ? i just thought of this since some members like me dont like or/and is uncomfortable with trading inside malls, fast foods, mrt/lrt stations, and other crowded places. although the point in doing a meet-up on crowded places is pretty obvious, can we give some consideration to people like me?

    ** i think im off topic here. hehehe
  • @genobreaker47
    depende yan sa usapan ninyo :)
  • flame war thread!

    I don't think that would do good to make a flame war thread. Sa buyer and seller complaints thread nalang sila mag away. ;)

    nice thread...

    i think this should be pinned mr.moderator :)

    Since I was the one who started this thread, it would be better if someone else pins this ;)

    -- edited by jonjonmd on Dec 22 2007, 06:42 PM
  • how about limiting the pictures/photos of one's merchandise/s to 640 by 480?

    and when stating an argument, avoid personal attacks.

    -- edited by Sui_Generis on Dec 28 2007, 05:07 PM
  • @Sui_Generis

    Nice suggestion sa Pic size. I think the Mods have been maintaining this rule for most threads. :)

    As for the point about arguments, well, we're all mature individuals here (or so I assume), so let's try to keep professional disputes on a professional level. Wag yung tipong, di ka lang natuwa sa item pero binili mo pa rin, tapos hihiritan mo ng "wala kang et*ts pare!". While that IS a universally accepted idiom to express the lack of commitment to one's word, di naman rin tama yung ganun. :) Excellent points bro!
  • Blanc_et_NoiR - I've been subjected to argumentum ad hominem or personal attacks when I created a thread informing people of a buyer who did not show up because of a flimsy excuse.

    <click here for link>

    Mind you, those who made personal attacks were more or less, seasoned TPC/TCPers. I couldnt help but wonder where the moderators were at that time because honestly, having been a forum member of various sites, personal attacks are usually a way to get you either sanctioned or banned.

    Is the word, "beware" synonymous to being called a scammer?
  • Just read your thread Miss Sui_Generis. (sorry, miss ka pala, bro ako ng bro parang tanga lol)

    Tama yung ginawa mo, if not a bit of an overkill. But it's good for you to raise awareness din regarding such sellers. But please, do bear in mind that there is a fine line between cautioning other members about unreliable sellers and buyers, scammers, and the like, and character assassination. While your particular buyer may have deserved Negative Feedback, I don't think starting a forum riot over it did any significant good. I hope you don't take this the wrong way sis ha. :) Just airing my humble opinion. I agree with you, kasi I know what it's like to get stood up by the buyer. I myself have one negative feedback na rin, but then, that's EXACTLY what the Feedback Page is for: for other prospective ka-deal to be made aware of the User's history, be it good or bad. :)

  • If I am not mistaken, the user rating can only be used if the deal has been consummated. In my case, the deal was not and it would be entirely improper on my part if I were to use it when no deal was done.

    Feedback Rules and Policies

    1. You are only allowed to post one (1) feedback for every consummated deal. A consummated deal shall take effect only upon the agreement of both parties for the purchase, selling or swapping of an item or service.
    2.You will use the Feedback Board only to provide a testimonial to your transaction. Other kinds of replies, remarks or even inquiries are prohibited.

    no consummated deal = no feedback, isnt it?
  • @Sui

    Perhaps a moderator who is in charge of handling feedback issues (resolutions, unwarranted feedback, more than one feedback post per transaction, etc.) is better equipped to handle that post.:) That thread link was a riveting read, I have to admit. I feel like my brain turned into goo after reading all those silly, OT comments. lol

    -- edited by Blanc_et_NoiR on Jan 08 2008, 03:23 PM
  • TipidPC/TipidCP Netiquette DRAFT

    Negative feedbacks are NOT allowed if there was no actual transaction involved, unless the transaction was supposed to be done at TPC HQ

    even in the draft, such prohibition exists qualified by just one exception.
  • @Sui

    Thanks for pointing that out. It's actually pretty helpful since I'm also in the middle of a feedback resolution negotiation. :)
  • @all
    Just a reminder, The netiquettes are not intended to be used as substitutes for the rules and regulations.

    Anyone have ideas on how to "redraft" the draft? ;) I'll add you guys up to the co-author list :P :P
  • @sir Jon
    Thanks for the assistance ;)

    Just a suggestion, maybe we should draw a clear, thick, red line between the Netiquette Draft and the Site Rules. It's easy to blur the line between the two because, as the very term implies, Netiquette (like its real-world counterpart, "etiquette") is more of an "accepted social norm"--more of a suggestion lang, really--as opposed to an established rule, per se. Yung rules, DAPAT sundin. Pero ang suggestions, well, pag di sinunod nag mumukhang tanga yung tao, pero there's really no other repercussion. Whatchoo think? :)

    -- edited by Blanc_et_NoiR on Jan 08 2008, 05:00 PM
  • Idea regarding "Warning Threads":

    While it is good that members here are concerned enough to air their concerns regarding scams, liars, and unprofessional members with whom they had the misfortune of dealing, we should remember that that is what the Feedback Page is for. Bear in mind, however, that there are strict rules and guidelines on Feedback. For instance, there was a case here on TCP where a member was sold a Nokia 7610 that suffered from WSOD after less than 24-hours after the sale of the item. Nagkaroon ng Warning Thread about the Seller, and to make a long story short, it ended with no actual resolution. May isa pa wherein a member was ripped off by a Seller who sold him a fake N73 that was touted as "Original". I won't mention specific usernames anymore, since wala namang maitutulong yun. My point here is this: Feedback Pages are there for you to get an idea of what kind of a person you are dealing with.

    If something went wrong, charge it to experience, but also do your just duty to the TCP Community by posting negative feedback (if talagang gago lang yung Buyer/Seller--id est di sumipot or nakikitawad pa on-the-spot, late, etc...) or by taking it up with our mods jonjonmd, varia, or lennox if it is a matter of legal repercussions (theft/holdup, scam, defective item sold with malicious intent, etc.)

    Ang problema lang sa Feedback is that it is also a tool for trolls and people who have nothing better to do. May iba, maninira sa Feedback lang. Yung iba naman, di lang natuwa kasi tinanggihan mo yung tawad nila, sisiraan ka na. We operate under the assumption that the users of TCP are mature and professional. Sometimes, that assumption is too generous. O_o but that is more of the exception than the rule.

    Back to the actual point here. I think that Warning threads should not be allowed to flourish here, and kudos to the mods who lock down on such threads before they get out of hand and erupt into a mindlessly juvenile "flame war", which is really just people exercising their god-given right to be foolish.

    An exception to this could be "Beware of Email Invitations For Free Firmware/Demo Software/<insert free shenanigans here>". These ARE valid, as they are generally more protective and encompassing of good intent. Di gaya ng "Beware Blanc_et_Noir: KUPAL" or something like that (btw, ginamit ko lang pangalan ko dun kasi wala akong maisip na iba--wala sanang gumawa ng thread na ganun, lol :)

    In a nutshell, I think:

    1. Feedback SHOULD be required after a consummated deal. But a deal is only considered "consummated" when an actual exchange, or proof of agreement to exchange goods/services takes place or is produced (ergo, contract/receipt/proof-of-sale/order form, etc). We DO operate on the principle of mutual trust and benefit-of-the-doubt, but of course, we have to live up to these expectations. Ika nga ng Site eh: Let other members know if a deal went sour, or something to that effect.
    2. Warning Threads ABOUT SPECIFIC, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS should be locked immediately and without public notification for the TS. This should be so, unless the thread contains irrefutable proof supporting what SHOULD BE a valid complaint or issue raised by the TS (accurate screenshot of a conversation/receipt/photo of the item in question if pertaining to a defective item, etc.). This is to avoid character assassination.

    Just my two-cents worth... This is ultimately up to the mods and site owners to decide. :)

    -- edited by Blanc_et_NoiR on Feb 06 2008, 04:42 PM
  • Here's a quick one courtesy of a point brought up by our very own yesha_lorame

    Please, as much as possible, refrain from discussing transactions conducted on other Online Trading Sites here on TCP, unless it is directly related to a TCP-based issue (ex: a scammer from <insert other site here> who is also conducting his M.O. here at TCP). Let's do this out of respect for the TCP Site Administrators. :)
  • Item Posting Rules
    You will not post items in the trading section that do not fall under any of the defined categories or not related to mobile phones.
    By posting items in the trading section, you guarantee that your item has been legally purchased or acquired. TipidCP will not be liable for any false, misleading or inaccurate representations by its users.
    Including brand names, company logos or trademarks into your item's name other than the specific brand name, logo or trademark used by the item's manufacturing company is not allowed.
    Performing item comparisons in the title (i.e. Nokia Clone Phone) or Fake Items is not allowed.
    Posting of potentially infringing items is not allowed unless you explicitly indicate that you are a legal reseller of the item, or the legal copyright owner of the item (see Potentially Infringing Items).

    A must add is the inclusion and strict enforcement of the " NO TEXTSPEAK" rule. This cheapens the site and makes it virtually impossible to understand what the buyer/seller/poster is trying to convey. Lets leave textspeak where it rightfully belongs-in our cellphones. =)

    -- edited by carbin19 on Mar 15 2008, 09:30 PM
  • @all

    please do spare some time to read this thread!

    External Image
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    Apparently wala pa rin namamansin sa Thread na 'to. Very important, really.
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