Bought 2 units of blackberry torch from her. One of the units had to be replaced cos something was wrong & then she sent me a new one. I was expecting the phone to be of excellent condition so I decided to scratch the at&t brand before using it. And then poof! It was scrolling up by itself and the lower part of the touch screen sometimes doesn't works. Because the unit can't be replaced anymore I decided to have it repaired. It took a week and then sent me back the phone but still the same problem! Told her if I could just straight swap it to a Bold 9700 but just told me she have to ask her boss. The last time she told me that, no text came! I'm a customer from Bukidnon I've been paying all the shipping back and forth but then I get this service? Seriously? To think na nagsaswap sila she can't help me? Eh sa kanila naman galing yung unit! I've been calling her like 10 times last night at 7pm but texted me that she was on the other line at 10pm! Sino maniniwala don? She's trying to ignore me! All she's after is selling phones pag sira ewan ko nalang! The money I used to buy the phone was from hard fuckin' work!