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Say your prayer here or your prayer request(please respect this thread)

  • From No to Yes

    Today's Scripture
    "Go and tell Hezekiah, �This is what the LORD, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will add fifteen years to your life.'" (Isaiah 38:5, NIV)

    When King Hezekiah was sick to the point of death, the prophet Isaiah, who spoke for God, said to him, "Put your house in order, for you will surely die." He didn't say he might die or that it didn't look good.

    So what do you do when God says no? Rather than give up, Hezekiah started weeping and praying and asking God for mercy. God told Isaiah to go back and tell Hezekiah, "I've heard your prayer and seen your tears, and I will add fifteen years to your life."

    Even when you feel as though God has said no, if you dare do as Hezekiah and ask God for a yes, God can reverse a no. Every circumstance may say, "Forget it. God said no. Just live with it." Hezekiah's attitude was, "God, I'm asking in Your great mercy to change Your mind and give me a yes."

    Are you bold enough to ask for a yes, even though all you keep getting is a no?

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that You are in control of the universe, and You close doors and open doors. Thank You that what seems to be no in the past can change to yes. I'm going to keep asking, keep praying, keep believing, keep dreaming, and keep hoping. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • When You Fall Down

    Today's Scripture
    "As they were going out, they met a man from Cyrene, named Simon, and they forced him to carry the cross." (Matthew 27:32, NIV)

    When Jesus was being led out of the city to be crucified, the custom was that the person had to carry their own cross. Jesus was so exhausted from the sleepless night, the suffering and pain of the trial, that He fell down under the weight of the cross. God provided a man named Simon to be there to carry the cross for Jesus.

    God is sending us the message that we don't have to be strong all the time. It's okay to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes the weight of what we're carrying gets too heavy. It's okay to say, "God, I don't think I can do this."

    When you're down, when you're discouraged, God is not going to leave you there. He'll always have someone to help lift you back up, someone to encourage you, someone to help you carry the load that you can't carry. If it's not an angel, God will send a person across your path. There will be a Simon there to help lift you back up.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that You don't fault me for the times when I don't have the strength on my own to do what I need to do. Thank You that You find a way to get me the help I need in times of trouble. I believe that You know just the right people to encourage and lift me up. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • No More Weak Prayers

    Today's Scripture
    "...You do not have because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures..." (James 4:2-3, NKJV)

    When James says "you ask amiss," the word amiss means "sick, weak, miserable." When we ask to just get by and endure, that's a weak prayer. That's asking amiss.

    God is saying, "I created the whole universe. Don't come to Me with a weak prayer, asking Me to help you live in mediocrity. Ask big, knowing that I'm the God of more than enough. Ask Me to show out in your life, to heal you from that disease, to accelerate your goals."

    When you ask big, God calls that a healthy prayer. That's when He says to the angels, "Go to work. Release My favor. Open new doors."

    Ask to be the difference maker. Ask to set a new standard.

    When you say, "God, I don't have the funds for this project, but I want to thank You that blessings are chasing me down," that's your faith being released. That's what allows God to do great things.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that You want to do great things in my life so that You will be glorified as the God who is more than enough. Help me to pray healthy prayers that release Your favor and open new doors. I declare that am taking the limits off You. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

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  • Remember What God Said

    Today's Scripture
    "Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: �The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.'" (Luke 24:6-7, NIV)

    The three women who went to the tomb on Sunday morning to care for Jesus' body were met by the angel's question, "Don't you remember what He told you?" They came to the tomb discouraged, depressed, and defeated, and they left excited, passionate, full of faith and hope. They couldn't wait to tell the disciples. Remembering what God says will change your perspective.

    When you're under pressure, under stress, overwhelmed by a situation, too often we forget what God has said, and we go by what we see. We let negative thoughts drown out what God has promised.

    Recognize that's a test. The enemy would love for you to get so caught up in your circumstances that you forget what God told you. Are you remembering that He says He'll supply all your needs according to His riches? Are you remembering that He says greater is He who is in you than what's trying to stop you?

    It's not complicated. Start remembering what He has spoken over you.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You for the strength that rises within me whenever I remember what You have promised me in Your Word. Thank You that I can stay focused on what You have said and walk by faith and not by sight. I will not allow negative thoughts to drown out Your voice and hold me back. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Marked by Honor

    Today's Scripture
    "...Avoiding a fight is a mark of honor; only fools insist on quarreling..." (Proverbs 20:3, NLT)

    A lot of times we think winning a fight is a mark of honor. We walk away from an argument thinking, I won that fight. I told them off.

    That's not winning. You fed your ego, but it didn't strengthen your relationship. You may have won the argument, but how much damage was done?

    When we say hurtful things, it exacts a heavy price. The real way to win is to avoid it and walk away. That's a mark of honor. It takes humility. Pride wants to argue and have the last word.

    There's a right way and a right time to address your differences. Do it calmly, express your concerns, and then leave it there. If it starts getting heated, walk away.

    When you do it God's way, He'll fight your battles. He'll change what needs to be changed. Do what you can to keep the atmosphere loving, kind, and peaceful. Be a person of honor and avoid the fight.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You for calling me to be a person marked by honor. Help me to know the right way and a right time to quietly and calmly address my differences with others. I want to do it Your way and leave it to You to fight my battles. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Get Ready to Rise

    Today's Scripture
    "He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps." (Psalm 40:2, NKJV)

    We all face things that are trying to push us down today. Thoughts will tell you, "You'll never get well. This setback has ruined your finances. You'll always struggle with this addiction." Don't believe those lies.

    No more saying, "It's never going to change." Rather, you need to say with the apostle Paul, "The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives inside me." The forces of darkness did their best to stop Jesus, but they couldn't keep Him from rising. That tells me that nothing you face can keep you from your purpose--no pandemic, no setback, no layoff.

    The enemy may have done his best, but his best will never be enough.

    You may feel as though you're down in a pit. The good news is that the Most High God will lift you out. He's about to free you from that addiction. He's about to turn the medical report around. He's about to open new doors, bring new opportunities, new relationships. The pit is not your destiny. Get ready to rise.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that any pit I find myself pushed down into can never stop the purpose You put in my heart. Thank You that no force of darkness could stop Jesus from rising from the dead, and I have His Spirit living in me. I declare that You are lifting me up and setting my feet on a rock. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Faithful in the Small

    Today's Scripture
    "If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won't be honest with greater responsibilities." (Luke 16:10, NLT)

    In 1 Samuel 17, when David was in the shepherds' fields, his father told him to take a provision of food to his brothers who were serving on the battlefield. David could have said, "Samuel anointed me to be the next king, and now you want me to be an errand boy to brothers who disrespect me? I don't think so."

    If David had been too proud to serve others, to do what seemed insignificant, he wouldn't have heard Goliath's taunt, slain the giant, and made it to the throne. It was a test he had to pass. Had he not been faithful to do the small, he would have missed his destiny.

    If you'll be faithful in the small that God is asking you to do, He will trust you with more. Once you do the insignificant thing, the thing where you might have to humble yourself and serve somebody who doesn't treat you right, then the door will open to the big thing. Pass those tests. It's getting you prepared.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that Jesus humbled Himself, came to earth, and became a servant that He might redeem us. Help me to humble myself and serve others as He did. Thank You for Your promise that if I am faithful in the small things, You will trust me with more. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

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  • When It Stinks

    Today's Scripture
    "Roll the stone aside," Jesus told them. But Martha, the dead man's sister, protested, "Lord, he has been dead for four days. The smell will be terrible." (John 11:39, NLT)

    In John 11, when Jesus showed up at Lazarus' house four days after he had died, Lazarus had been in the tomb so long that his body stunk. At times, we all have things in life that stink. Maybe a relationship feels so dead that it stinks. Your finances stink. The layoff stinks. That mistake you made that set you back stinks.

    Jesus went to the tomb, where the stink was, and told them to roll away the stone. Sometimes we think that God will help us only if we're good enough, but God goes to the stinky places in our lives. That person who hurt you--it stinks.

    God is saying, "Let Me in. I'm going to wake up the healing, wake up the restoration, wake up the new beginning." That past mistake you made and feel condemned about--it stinks. God is saying, "Roll that stone away. I'm waking up forgiveness, cleansing, and redemption."

    It's not too late for whatever stinks in your life. God is saying, "Let Me in."

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that You are the God who is willing to go to the stinky places in my life and bring redemption and resurrection. Thank You that You don't require that I be good enough to qualify for Your goodness. I am inviting You in to touch and wake up what seems dead. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Enlarged

    Today's Scripture
    "I called to the LORD in distress; the LORD answered me and set me in a broad place." (Psalm 118:5, NKJV)

    King David didn't get enlarged in the good times; he was enlarged when things weren't going his way. While he was alone out in the shepherds' fields, it looked as though he would never accomplish his dreams. But those years helped prepare him to become a champion.

    When he killed Goliath, it happened because he went through the dark places with a good attitude. When he was distressed and felt as though God had forgotten about him, his attitude was, "God, this is a dark place, but I'm developing patience and perseverance and learning to trust You." At the right time, he came out of that dark place increased, promoted, and better off than he had been before.

    You may feel alone, abandoned, and mistreated, but dare to believe that He is blessing you even in the dark places. Be faithful in the shepherds' field. It may not be easy, but faith is trusting in God when life doesn't make sense.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that You bless me even in the dark places, and what's meant for my harm is going to bring me into a broad place. Thank You that You are preparing me to become a champion. I declare that I am trusting in You. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • His Goodness Leads You to Him

    Today's Scripture
    "...the goodness of God leads you to repentance..."(Romans 2:4, NKJV)

    In the natural, when we've wronged someone, sometimes it's easier to avoid them than to face the discomfort or potential rejection. It isn't surprising that people sometimes have this same approach to God.

    Have you ever heard someone say, "If I walk into a church, the roof will cave in"? They think they should keep their distance because of what they've done.

    But nothing could be further from the truth! God's not mad at you; He's madly in love with you! He's waiting for you with open arms. It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done; know that His goodness is what's drawing you to Him.

    Today, don't let condemnation keep you from turning to God. Trust His kindness. Trust that He wants you to experience His goodness. He wants to show you His faithfulness. He's promised He'll never leave you nor forsake you.

    Turn to Him today and let Him pour His loving kindness on you and empower you to walk in victory all the days of your life!

    A Prayer for Today
    "Heavenly Father, thank You for loving me. Thank You for Your kindness that draws me. I come to You today giving You all that I am. Make me new in Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • An Act of Faith

    Today's Scripture
    "By an act of faith, Rahab, the Jericho harlot, welcomed the spies and escaped the destruction that came on those who refused to trust God." (Hebrews 11:31, MSG)

    In Joshua 2, Rahab was a prostitute in Jericho whose family worshiped idols. She knew she was made for more, but she couldn't get out of that negative cycle. Then she heard that the God of Israel had parted the Red Sea and delivered the Israelites from slavery.

    I can imagine her saying, "God of Abraham, if You're real, save me and deliver me from this dysfunction." When the two Israelite men came to spy out the city, they were destined to choose Rahab's door to knock on. She hid them and helped them escape. In return for her act of faith, the Israelites spared Rahab and her family. Now Rahab is listed as one of the heroes of faith and is in the family line of Jesus Christ.

    You may have negative baggage in your past, been pushed down, and feel stuck at the very back. Rahab would tell you, "Stay encouraged. God knows how to reverse things." He will reverse the dysfunction, the shame, and the compromise.

    Live your faith. You're going from not valued to being honored, respected, influential.

    Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that You've crowned me with favor in spite of the negative baggage from my past. Thank You that when others try to discount me and write me off, You have already counted and written me in. I believe that You are leading me into an amazing future. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • In Tough Situations

    Today's Scripture
    "Please pay no attention, my lord, to that wicked man Nabal. He is just like his name--his name means Fool, and folly goes with him." (1 Samuel 25:25, NIV)

    In 1 Samuel 25, Abigail was the wife of a cruel man who had so offended and outraged David that he and his men were on their way to kill Nabal and all his men. Abigail intervened and persuaded David that her foolish husband was not worthy of any response. She saved many lives, and she kept David from losing an everlasting dynasty through unjust vengeance.

    That's what happens when you don't let what's unfair, a bad situation, or a loss cause you to get discouraged and give up. What stops us many times is we have a good reason to live sour and defeated--a bad childhood, a bad relationship, the company let us go.

    We wouldn't be talking about Abigail if she had used her husband as an excuse to not do the right thing. She was honoring God, being her best, a person of integrity, despite her situation. That's a test.

    Don't let an excuse keep you from your greatness. Take your stand, knowing that what tries to stop you is only setting you up for something greater.

    Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that it's possible to rise above very difficult situations and relationships and walk in integrity. Thank You that I can keep honoring You and overcoming what could easily cause me to live sour. I will not let an excuse keep me from my greatness. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Titles Not Required

    Today's Scripture
    "...Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms..." (1 Peter 4:10, NIV)

    Too often we pursue titles and positions, thinking we'll feel good about ourselves when we have them. "When I make it to sales manager, when I get on the varsity cheerleading squad, when I'm the head usher, the senior partner, the lead supervisor..."

    That's fine. But you don't need a title to do what God has called you to do. Don't wait for people to approve you, affirm you, or validate you. Use your gift, and the title will come.

    If David would have waited for a title, we wouldn't be talking about him today. When he went out to face Goliath, David wasn't a general, a corporal, or a sergeant. He wasn't even enlisted. He didn't have a title, a name badge, a uniform, or a single credential. He went out knowing God had called and given him the gift to defeat Goliath. In a few years they gave him a title: King of Israel.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You for the gift that You have given me and for what You have called me to do. Thank You that I can just be the best that I can be with what I have, and You will take care of the rest. I believe that You will receive the glory. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

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  • Momentary Troubles

    Today's Scripture
    "For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." (2 Corinthians 4:17, NIV)

    Are you facing a difficulty or trial that seems like it's been lasting a long time? Today's verse tells us that our trials are really only momentary. Compared with eternity, our troubles don't last long at all! As you stand strong in faith during times of adversity, you are building faith and achieving eternal glory.

    If you are in the middle of tough times today, look to God. The Bible says that He is the Author and Finisher of your faith. He is the One who writes faith on your heart and then develops it to completion on the inside of you. He is building strength in you, He is depositing joy in you, and He is empowering you to make it through.

    Today, be encouraged because what you are facing is only temporary. Victory is on the way, and it's closer than you think! Keep standing, keep believing, keep hoping, and keep confessing His Word because He is faithful, and He will complete what He's started in you!

    A Prayer for Today
    "Heavenly Father, thank You for working Your eternal glory in me. I cast my cares on You today, knowing that my trials and troubles are temporary. Thank You for Your eternal blessing on my life today and for leading me into victory. In Jesus' Name. Amen."
  • Exceedingly Abundantly

    Today's Scripture
    "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen." (Ephesians 3:20-21, NKJV)

    God wants to do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ever ask, think or imagine. In another place in Scripture, it says that no person has ever seen, heard or even imagined the wonderful things that God has in store for those who love the Lord. But notice that it's "according to the power working in us."

    God's power works in us by our faith, how we believe. Do you believe that God wants to work in your life exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or think? Do you believe He wants to overwhelm you with His goodness and blessing?

    The Bible says that if we have faith the size of a tiny mustard seed, we can move mountains. And no matter how much faith we have, faith can grow in us as we hear, study and receive the Word of God.

    Today, make God's Word a priority. Believe that He will do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think. He is faithful to His Word, and He will be faithful to fulfill every promise He's made to you!

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You for Your goodness in my life. Thank You for blessing me and doing exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or think. Thank You for increasing my faith as I focus on Your Word in Jesus' Name, Amen."

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  • Beginnings and Endings

    Today's Scripture
    "I am the Alpha and the Omega--the beginning and the end," says the Lord God. (Revelation 1:8, NLT)

    We get excited about new beginnings. We talk a lot about God being the Alpha and doing new things, but we don't hear much about how He, the Omega, brings things to an end. It could be a relationship, a broken dream, a business that didn't make it, or a loved one who passes away.

    This is hard for us because an ending can feel like a setback, and often it feels like a failure. But just as God opens a door, He closes doors and brings things to an end. The reason He closes a door is because He has something better.

    Instead of being sour and losing your joy, the best thing you can do is to just say goodbye to the hurt, the questions, the disappointment, and the self-pity. Quit beating yourself up; quit bringing failures from yesterday into today. Accept it as part of God's plan, be at peace with what's behind you, and move on.

    When you kiss the past goodbye, it releases you into your future.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Thank You that just as I can trust You with my successes, so I can trust You with what comes to an end and what doesn't make sense to me. I believe You are in control and are directing my future. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • The Next Best

    Today's Scripture
    "This most generous God who gives seed to the farmer that becomes bread for your meals is more than extravagant with you." (2 Corinthians 9:10, MSG)

    In Jesus' first public miracle when He turned water into wine at the wedding in John 2, it would have been a great miracle if He had given them the same wine that had run out. We would be telling the story that God can restore, that when you run out, He can give you more. That's good, but God is so loving that He doesn't bring you out the same. He gives you the best wine.

    The best is simply something that you've never seen--favor, health, opportunity, finances, influence. The best is in front of you. After you see that best, then God will give you something better, a new best. That's what it means when the Scripture says He's taking you from glory to glory.

    In between those glories, there may be seasons when you feel as though you have nothing more to give--no more creativity, no more resources, no more options. It had to run out so you can see your next best. It's all a part of God's plan.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You for all the ways You provide for me every day. Thank You that when one of those provisions runs out, You are getting me in a position to increase me. I believe that You have something bigger, something better, something more rewarding up in front of me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.�
  • Constant Gratitude

    Today's Scripture
    "O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever!" (1 Chronicles 16:34, AMPC)

    No matter what may be happening in the world around you, you can always find something to thank God for. Gratitude is a powerful force that opens the door to God's blessing. Having constant gratitude proves your faith in God because not only do you thank Him for what He has done in the past, you thank Him for what He will do in the future.

    It's that kind of faith that pleases God. Constant gratitude also shows humility because when we are thankful, we magnify God instead of magnifying our problems. It gives us proper perspective and opens the door for God's grace, favor and supernatural empowerment.

    So what are you grateful for today? Are you grateful for the sun that shines and brings a new day? Are you thankful for the gift of eternal life? As you choose an attitude of constant gratitude, you'll experience His mercy and loving-kindness in greater ways. You'll be filled with His peace and joy and pave the way to move forward into the abundant life He has prepared for you!

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father in heaven, thank You for another day to praise You. Thank You for all You have done in my life. Help me to see Your hand of blessing as I continually acknowledge and praise Your name in Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Integrity

    Today's Scripture
    "Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard..." (Song of Solomon 2:15, NLT)

    God wants us to be people of integrity. A person of honor is open and honest and true to her word. He says what he means and means what he says. She doesn't have any hidden agendas or ulterior motives. He doesn't need a legal contract to force him to fulfill his word. People of integrity are the same in private as they are in public. They do what's right whether anybody is watching or not.

    If you don't have integrity, you will never reach your best. Integrity is the foundation on which truly successful relationships are built. Every time you compromise, every time you are less than honest, you are causing a slight crack in the foundation. If you continue compromising, that foundation will never be able to hold what God wants to build. On the other hand, God's blessings will overtake you if you settle for nothing less than living with integrity. There's no limit to what God will do in your life when He knows He can trust you.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that You see my heart and motives and that You reward integrity. Thank You that I can step up to a higher level of integrity and honesty in my relationship with You and my relationships with other people. Help me to always do the right thing and honor You by the way I live. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Prosper

    Today's Scripture
    "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." (3 John 1:2, NKJV)

    Prosperity is so much more than having finances. It's having your health. It's having peace in your mind. It's being able to sleep at night. It's having good relationships. There are so many things that money cannot buy. But I also can't find a single verse in the Scripture that suggests we are supposed to drag around in the land of Not Enough, not able to afford what we want, living off the leftovers.

    God is called El Shaddai, the God of More Than Enough. He takes pleasure in prospering His people. He says we were created to be the head and not the tail. He says He will lavish us with good things. Jesus came that we might live an abundant life. God's dream for your life is that you would be blessed in such a way that you can be a blessing to others--so prosperous, so generous, and so full of joy that other people want what you have. He wants to use all that you have to advance His kingdom.

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that You are El Shaddai, the God of abundance, not the God of barely enough. Thank You that You delight in prospering me, and that I can use my finances as a tool for good. Help me to be generous in blessing others and giving my joy as well. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Bring Forth Fruit

    Today's Scripture
    "Bring forth fruit that is consistent with repentance [let your lives prove your change of heart]." (Matthew 3:8, AMPC)

    Something supernatural happens when you submit your mind and heart to the Lord.

    First, your heart changes; then your thoughts begin to change. Your actions begin to change. Your life begins to bring forth fruit, or it displays the character of God.

    The Bible tells us in Galatians that the fruit of God's spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These character traits are proof that God is at work in our lives.

    Do you have more love than you used to? Are you more at peace than you used to be? Are you more gentle? Self-controlled? That's because God is at work in your life, and it brings Him pleasure when you act more like Him.

    If you need to grow in any of these areas today, simply open your heart and ask Him to work in your life. He promises that He will complete the good work He's started in you. Don't give up! Keep praying, keep believing, keep repenting and submitting your life to Him. Put His Word as a priority in your life, and you will continue to grow and bring forth His fruit and live in His abundant blessings in every area of life!

    A Prayer for Today
    "Heavenly Father, thank You for working in my life. Thank You for producing good fruit by Your spirit. I submit myself to You today and invite You to continue Your work in me. I bless You and honor You today in Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Esteem One Another

    Today's Scripture
    "And walk in love, [esteeming and delighting in one another] as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us..." (Ephesians 5:2, AMPC)

    We don't hear the word "esteem" very much in our culture, but the Scripture tells us to esteem and delight in one another. One definition of esteem is "to hold in high regard." That means we are to honor and value one another, even if we don't always agree. They may not always act honorably, but we are to honor and esteem people because they are valuable in the eyes of God.

    If you had a very costly and valuable piece of jewelry, you wouldn't just wear it to the gym or leave it on the kitchen sink. No, you would treat it carefully. You would put it in a safe place and protect it. When we see others as valuable the way God sees them, we treat them carefully. We speak respectfully. We look for the good in others and honor them for who God made them to be. The Scripture tells us that the way we treat others is like sowing seeds, and it will come back to us. Choose to esteem and delight in one another. Sow good seeds, and you will see a harvest of blessing in your own life!

    A Prayer for Today
    "Heavenly Father, today I choose love. I choose to honor the people around me. Help me to see the value in others the way You see the value in me. Help my actions and words to esteem and delight in others so that I can be an example of Your love and light in Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • A Triumph Story

    Today's Scripture
    "Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place." (2 Corinthians 2:14, NKJV)

    You may think you're finished, you missed your destiny, you made too big of a mistake, but today's Scripture makes it clear that God's plan for you does not end in defeat, in mediocrity, in addictions, or in injustice. Your story ends in triumph.

    You're not going to understand everything that happens, but you can be confident that God sees the end from the beginning. Sometimes He has to lead you backward in order to take you forward. He has to dig down deep, so He can get you prepared for how high He's taking you. He has to prune you, so you can bloom.

    If you stay in faith, you're going to see how it all works out for your good. If there are things that are holding you back, things that are out of place, things that are messy, don't get discouraged. God is saying, "You're right on schedule to triumph. Your story is not finished. I'm still working on you. What I started I'm going to bring to completion."

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You for the promise that You always lead me to triumph through Jesus. Thank You that You are using all of the challenges to work for my good. I'm going to stay in peace, knowing that no obstacle that stands in my way can stop Your plan. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Who Defines You?

    Today's Scripture
    "For the accuser of our brothers and sisters has been thrown down to earth--the one who accuses them before our God day and night." (Revelation 12:10, NLT)

    Some people will try to define you by your mistakes. They'll stick labels on you, reminding you of the times you failed, the times you compromised, the times you didn't measure up. When you go through one bad season, don't be surprised if people say, "God's not going to bless you. You gave into temptation. You're divorced. Your business failed."

    Don't let people label you. They can't stop what God has ordained for your life. The only person who can stop you is you. If you believe the lies from the accuser of the brethren, that will keep you from your destiny. You may have failed, but you're not a failure.

    That was a moment in your life, that was one season, and it doesn't determine your future. You can't stop others from putting a negative label on you, but you can take it right off. "I'm not defined by my mistakes. I'm defined by what God says about me. I am forgiven. I am redeemed. My failures are in my yesterday."

    A Prayer for Today
    "Father, thank You that there are no negative labels that can stick to those who are in Christ Jesus, and that includes me. Thank You that I am not defined by my mistakes and failures, but I am defined by what You say about me. I am forgiven and redeemed and free from condemnation. In Jesus' Name, Amen."
  • Choose to Enjoy Life

    Today's Scripture
    "...I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]..." (John 10:10 AMP)

    A seventeenth-century monk named Brother Lawrence found the answer to enjoying the nitty-gritty of everyday life. He was a humble cook in a French monastery, but he authored a book entitled, "Practicing the Presence of God."

    In it he explained how he was able to turn even the most commonplace and menial tasks, such as preparing meals and washing dishes, into acts of praise and communion with God. The key, he wrote, was not to change what you do, but to change your attitude toward what you do. When you begin doing these tasks, realize that you are doing them for God. Use it as an opportunity to worship Him through acts of service. When you do, you will discover pleasure even in taking out the trash.

    So don't let the enemy deceive you into thinking that you must get away from your daily routine in order to truly enjoy life. Don't wait for your next vacation--enjoy today and every day as a gift from God. Enjoy getting up and eating breakfast. Enjoy going to work. Enjoy mowing the lawn. Enjoy going to the grocery store. Enjoy washing the dishes. You have to do these things anyway--why not choose to enjoy them? When you do, you will go through life with a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and enjoy the abundant, overflowing life of victory that God has in store for you!

    A Prayer for Today
    "God, what an amazing and blessed day this will be when I choose to tackle every task with joy and thanksgiving. As I go through my to-do list, I will do so knowing that every day is a gift and I am happy to accept it from my Father in Heaven. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

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