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IMPORTANT : TCP Amended/Supplemental Site Rules, Policies, and Guidelines

  • Admins and Moderators lock or delete posts which violate these simple posting rules:

    * Item not allowed
    * All CAPS word or phrase
    * Text speak at the Title or Item Description
    * Double or multiple posts of same item (Flooding)
    * Price or Item descriptions at the Title
    * Wrong pricing or zero (0.00) pricing
    * Calls for bidding
    * Contains oversized images
    * Contains links deemed inappropriate
    * Improper or non-use of spacing
    * Special characters "!", "*", ">", "<", "/", "\" etc.
    * Title contains unnecessary words aside from the item like:
    "For Sale", "Cheap", "FS", "WTB", "Looking For", "In Need Of", "Needed", "Buying", "Rush", "ASAP", "Repriced ", "Repost"
  • You will not post any items, threads and/or replies in
    All Bold letters,
    All Italicized and/or
    All words underlined.
    Use the UBB codes accordingly.

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  • @all

    On free net/FBT/UBT postings.

    Free internet or FBT (Free Browsing Technique) or UBT (Unlimited Browsing Technique) is illegally acquiring a network's internet connection through your cellphone for free via modding/altering access points or your browser�s settings.

    There is no such thing as �free� internet.

    This is in violation of letter A, Section 33 of the Philippine Electronic Commerce Law (E-Commerce Law), to wit:

    Hacking or cracking which refers to unauthorized access into or interference in a computer system/server or information and communication system; or any access in order to corrupt, alter, steal, or destroy using a computer or other similar information and communication devices, without the knowledge and consent of the owner of the computer or information and communications system

    Moreover, a violation of our very own Site�s Rules and Regulation:

    8. You will not use the site to ask, share or distribute any content that will enable or teach unlawful or unauthorized access to software, hardware, or networks.

    No further warnings will be given on members posting free net on either their IFS, WTB or even in forum threads.

    Such will be deleted immediately and erring member will be meted with proper account sanction/s.

    Please be guided accordingly.

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    -- edited by humvee02 on May 12 2009, 04:39 PM
  • To All TCP Members:

    For smoother browsing experience you may use either or whichever is faster with your existing connection/service provider.
  • 1. Boxes are not allowed.
    2. Sold items will be deleted without notice, this is to free our system of space.

    @ all:

    This rule has been discussed and studied deliberately by the mods, admins and the site owners.

    No further discussion needed.

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  • Urgent Advisory:

    In line with rampant flooding in TCP, please be advised that user accounts of IFS/WTB flooders will be suspended without further notice. Habitual offenders will be automatically banned from the site.

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  • Public Advisory

    Can't Log in? Check your user feedback right away!

    TCP shall, henceforth, use the account/user feedback section to notify you if your account has been SUSPENDED or BANNED.

    The feedback that will be given to you shall contain the violation/s you committed and the length of time your account will remain inaccessible (should your account get suspended).

    Only those who have been banned can file an appeal through [email protected].

    Members are discouraged from creating a new account after their original account has been banned/suspended.

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  • RE: Items Sold as "Sony Class A" Memory Cards in TPC/TCP

    Sony Philippines, Inc. has already stated that there is no such
    "Class A" in their line of storage media. Hence, all
    memory cards with the tag "Sony Class A" are considered

    For this reason, TPC/TCP has to implement its existing rules on
    fake items.

    Here are the following prohibitions:

    1. All Memory cards in the IFS/WTB tagged as "Sony Class A" in the Item Name/Description/Negotiation Board is not allowed.

    2. All memory cards in the IFS/WTB showing pictures of the "Sony"
    brand in the Description/Negotiation Board, but are only "Class A",
    is not allowed.

    3. Links thereto in the Description/Negotiation Board is likewise
    not allowed.

    Terms of Use No.2

    Each member is allowed to have only one login account. Registering and using multiple accounts simultaneously is prohibited. Sharing, transferring, borrowing, or acquiring ownership of accounts is likewise prohibited. strictly observes "NO TEXT SPEAK" as a site-wide rule. This means that it is prohibited in all parts of the site, trading or forums.

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  • Piracy is strictly prohibited.

    Any member's IFS, WTB, forum post and negotiation board post found to be violating this rule will automatically be banned.

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  • It has come to our attention that several of our members have been subjected to "feedback blackmailing". Members of good standing are threatened with negative feedback if they do not give in to the ridiculous demands of members who are not really active TPC members.

    Members who plan to leave negative feedback are urged to provide contact their details in their profile so the Feedback Resolution Moderator (FRM) can get in touch with them, to hear both sides of the story. The FRM will try to mediate so a favorable resolution can be arrived at.

    Once the FRM has given his/her decision, a member who reposts a negative feedback will be banned.

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  • Re: Phablets (Phone/Tablets)

    For everyone's information lang po just to make it clear to ALL members:

    The following Samsung tablets are NOT ALLOWED in TCP's IFS/WTB sections:

    1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 P7310

    2. Samsung P1010 Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi

    3. Samsung Galaxy S 5.0 wifi (Media Player)

    4. Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi Only

    5. Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G

    *NOTE: All of the above-mentioned items should be posted in TipidPC: :)


    The following Samsung phablets(phone/tablet) ARE ALLOWED in TCP's IFS/WTB sections:

    1. Samsung P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7

    2. Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

    3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 3G

    4. Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

    5. Samsung Galaxy Note

    6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 P7300

    7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100

    8. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000

    9. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100

    -- edited by ccl2003 on Nov 28 2012, 02:42 PM
  • IMPORTANT: Monster Products are to be taken down IMMEDIATELY!

    jaydee Send Message View User Items on October 29, 2010 10:53 PM

    Hi all! We've been receiving lots of copyright infringement claims by Monster Cable, Inc. (copyright owner and product owner of Monster audio products) against ads here on TPC. They request that all ads involving their products, images of their products, imitations of their products (so called OEM versions) be immediately taken down.

    I've already gone through and locked the current batch of related ads. Going through them again to delete them.

    If you see one, delete it and also notify the user/owner of the ad.

    Thanks and appreciate all of your help :)
  • To All TipidCP Members:

    Beware of new members and suspicious accounts sending out private messages (PMs) asking for re-feedbacks on their new accounts because according to them their old account was banned or hacked. The fact of the matter is they were not banned and they're doing this to simply to boost their ratings here in TipidPC. Please do note that once you've posted a feedback on a certain account you cannot repost the same feedback for the same transaction on a newly created account even if his/her original account was banned. In TipidCP, there is no such thing as transfer of feedbacks from an old account to a new account so please be aware of this as well.

    Again, please DO NOT entertain any feedback requests from members you have never had a transaction with. This is an obvious effort to boost their ratings in the site to be able to perform an illegal act later on.

    Anyone caught guilty of soliciting feedbacks to boost their ratings will be banned from the site without any warning for violating our Feedback Rules and Policies:<click here for link>.

    External Image

  • It has come to the Admin�s attention that there is a considerable and alarming volume of sales of iCloud Apple ID locked iPhones. We all know that most of these are derived from un-authorized and/or illegal sources.

    TCP, its sponsors and members alike do not want to be associated with this activity. For this reason, and effective immediately, the sale of iCloud Apple ID locked iPhones is now strictly prohibited.

    Postings of these units, either in IFS or WTB section, will be automatically deleted, and respective sellers/buyers will be indefinitely and unconditionally banned.
  • Attention: All TipidCP Members

    Effective immediately. "TPC Announcement" will be authorized to warn, discipline, penalize through Negative Feedback Posting erring members who violate the site rules.

    Labelling your item/s for sale as BRAND NEW even if its as good as new, slightly used, used for 1 or 2 seconds, will result in the deletion of your item without any warning. Brand new items are sealed, unused, and has never been turned on even for 1 second. Labeling a used item regardless of how long it was used should be labeled as USED ITEM only and not as brand new because such practice is misleading the members/buyers in the site.

    For everyone's strict compliance.

  • Please read and understand.

    Violators will be banned/suspended.

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