Wow Virgin na Virgin! Ako naka-una! What an Honor Lolz!
Actually matagal ko na nakadeal si Sir Biboy last year pa.
Ang bait nya at ng mother nya.
Pinadalahan pa ko nya ng mga MP3 na really relaxing.

He got a dell 6400 with atix1400 video.
We actually tried to make other transactions asides from electronics coz i trust him.
Problem is the project was too big for both of us.
We reached for the sky well layo ng sky di maabot lolz!
But im still looking forward to having many more transactions with Him in the Future.
He is that Good and a Reputable person to deal with.
Actually i consider him my friend :)

So i can vouch for this guy, dont hesitate to deal with him in fact you can be business partners he is that Good.
God Bless and More power to your aspirations Sir Vivencio!