This is a very VALID NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. - (TCP'ers please find time to read this)

Here we go.

Dec 18 (Morning) - I saw his post re: Iphone 2G 8GB for sale/swap to any touch screen phone, so i texted him to deal to swap with my Nokia 5530 with 4GB memstick + 500php. He replied and set the deal 6PM Cubao MRT. FYI: The Iphone 2G is on Recovery Mode (Itunes/USB Logo), meaning i just need to jailbreak it. And as per seller, It is fully working without any defects.
Dec 18 6PM - He is still on the way, i'm already in Cubao Araneta.
Dec 18 730PM - We settle our deal, swap the phones.

Dec 19 - I checked the unit and try to jailbreak it using any available tools online, but no success. I always recieve "Error 23" on itunes, so i researched mr google about this error. Majority Comments - IT IS A HARDWARE PROBLEM (WIFI, BLUETOOTH OR BOARD PROBLEM).
Dec 19 5PM - I texted him to tell what is the issue on his phone, and i asked him to get my phone back. After few minutes, he replied and said "Ok bukas na lang, busy ako ngayon e"
Dec 19 7PM - I checked TCP to find his ID to read some feedback and after i checked the User Items, WOW! I saw his post SELLING MY NOKIA 5530 for 6.5K. I texted him using my other number and pretend as a buyer. He replied and said "Available pa, taga saan ka?" so meaning my phone is for sale.
Dec 19 8PM - I texted him using my orig number and ask what time is our meetup the next day to swap phone. NO REPLY.

Dec 20 Morning - I saw his post again with RUSH!! and lower the price to 5.8K - meaning No plan to give my phone back. I tried to call him, just ringing, i texted him, he replied "Di siya makaalis sa tita nya, and nabagsak nya daw yung phone, sira daw yung kabitan ng battery". He told me that we'll meet on the next day.
Dec 20 - I planned to pretend as a buyer of my nokia 5530 using my other number and set a deal on Dec 21 10AM Megamall. He replied and confirmed on our meetup.

Dec 21 10:30AM - Asusual He is late. I also have a plan to caught him and tell to SM guards, what's his modus operandi. After few minutes, This guy came, HIS FRIEND. holding my phone, so i talk to the guy and get my phone then immediately tell to sm guards. The original seller is not on the scene.

Dec 21 12NN - We are on the police station and i formally file a case regarding this guy/group.

- sayang lang, di ka kasama. nakulong ka din sana, i hope yung friend mo sinagip mo naman, di ka daw sumipot sabi ng pulis e. anyway wala nako pakealam don, ingat ka nalang next time, kung ikaw talaga nahuli ko. tsk tsk sisiguraduhin ko sayong di mo makakalimutan.

Anyway, Thanks sa deal. :) great job.

aba at nakuha mo pa maglogin a :) nice.. Last online: December 23, 2010 10:23 PM