ang released updated original Zenfone 2 max locally 2gb or 3gb? meron kasi 2/32gb din.
anyone using one? hows the performance compared to the original 2/16gb version?
bago processor din ba not Snapdragon 410?

parang di na release sa pinas sir ang zenfone 2 max. zenfone 3 max lang nirelease sa pinas sir.[/quote]

Zenfone Max the original version was release like 2015, 2GB version then update ng 2016 3GB version.

year 2015 2GB/16GB
Year 2016 3GB/32GB

ok namn ZFMax 3 5.5 though I don't know why d ko maxed out ung volume and walang volume profile like General, Silent etc.
Bumabalik sa Mid level ung volume, I've sent a complaint to the technical dept and I don't know why gnun ang controls ng volume.
I think software issue sa akin