I'm sorry Mik but I had to withdraw my positive feedback to you due to the following reasons:

1. The N70 you sold us has a defect that you didn't even mention in your IFS details. You only mentioned about the earphone issue when we already met up for the pick-up. We even told you and confirmed about it the next day after our pick-up date.

2. You said you have 1 week warranty on the item? Warranty for what? We never even saw or felt that you made any efforts on your end to resolve the issue of the N70 that you sold us. We told you that the phone has the issue and advised you that we'll return it if the issue persists but you declined the return of the item. Where's your warranty in that?

We're not mad, we're just highly disappointed on the way you handled our transaction. Hopefully, you won't treat your future transactions the way you treated ours.