I bought iphone4 from him today, paid it yesterday and it arrived today by shipping. Phone has a defect! he said that the phone arrived in good condition but firstly when i got it, I took out the gevey sim and put on my sim pero dayaw niyang pumasok at theres even something worst sa lcd ng phone ksi theres a sign of repair na pag natouch lang umiilaw un. i texted him right after it and i asked for my money back and i will send him back the unit. he actually said yes, and then later on refused because he is saying that i am a scam. So i decided to tell him na we should have our meet up at sm trinoma for more convenient transaction, with no scam thinking whatsoever. Seller ignored me, and now..he is not replying to any of my messages.

kuya, ang seller alam niya kung anung klaseng unit ang binenta niya. Huwag moko tawaging perwisyo. dahil pareho lang tau dito.

walang yumayaman sa maliit na halaga. i can have 15k back by all means pero ung panloloko mo, sunog na kaluluwa mo.

God bless you!!!!!!!!!!